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Welcome SG Harrisburg Hershey's Blog- Your Yard Sign Rental HQ!

Hi everyone! I'm Katie and I have been the owner of Sign Gypsies- Harrisburg Hershey since May 2018! This fun business popped up on my Instagram feed one day while I was sitting on the beach preparing myself to return to full time work after the birth of our second baby. I knew as soon as I saw these humongous happy birthday signs that I needed to bring this business to my neck of the woods in Central Pennsylvania. Since then, we have installed more than 3,000 celebration yard sign rentals in yards in the Harrisburg-Hershey region.

I want to start blogging to show you all the fun ways our signs can be a BIG part of your celebrations, whether it be a wedding, welcoming a newborn baby home, celebrating graduation or holidays, a birthday or retirement- or anything in between. We have so much to offer our region and we cannot wait to show you more of what is to come.

What is a Yard Sign Rental?

You tell us who you want to celebrate and what you are celebrating and we design a big, beautifully tailored yard sign and install it in your yard. The rental part means that we come back for it and pick it up so you do not have to worry about storing big signs that you only want to use one time!

We Are So Excited You're Here!

We cannot wait to serve you by installing a customized and fun BIG yard sign rental in your yard. If we've been in your yard before, leave us a comment below or if you want to have us come to your yard, click the Request a Rental button at the top of the page!

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