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Check below to see if we have you covered!

If you don't see your question, shoot us an email! We will respond within 24 hours if not sooner!

Can we move the signs once installed?

No. For liability reasons, we cannot have anyone move the signs. Please contact us if you want them moved or removed.

Can you install in the morning?

Typically, we only set up in the evenings due to our family's schedule.  However, if the sign is needed within a specific time constraint like in the case of end of chemo treatment, we can definitely make exceptions on case by case basis. 

Can we mow the yard after the install?

No. Please mow the yard prior to installation. If grass gets on the signs, a cleaning fee will apply.

How big are the signs?

We normally require at least a 30 foot by 4 foot area to place our signage.  If you have a smaller area, we have options to fit your needs!

Can we set up a sign in an apartment complex?

Unfortunately at this time, we cannot set up in an apartment complex.  We can install a sign in HOA developments, town home plans, in front of hospitals, strip malls and any place that our signs will fit. Please call the HOA or property managers in advance to make sure we have approval prior to ordering an install.  

Will the signs blow away?

We have two ways to secure the signs; either we will stake them in the ground or into a platform. Both will be secured prior to leaving the installation site. Should there be high winds, we cannot always guarantee a letter does not end up getting taken up in a storm. Please call us ASAP so that we can fix the sign for you immediately.

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